Buzzing Beauty: Pregnant Woman Defies Allergy, Creates Captivating Photoshoot with Bees

Despite her bee allergy, a pregnant woman defies the odds and arranges a mesmerizing photoshoot, featuring thousands of bees adorning her belly.

Pregnancy is an extraordinary chapter in a woman’s life, filled with precious moments. Nowadays, these cherished moments are celebrated in various creative ways. Gender reveal parties, extravagant baby showers, and, of course, photoshoots have become popular avenues to commemorate the impending arrival of a little one. Maternity photoshoots, in particular, capture the beauty and anticipation of a new family member. These photoshoots can revolve around different themes, taking place either indoors or in natural outdoor settings, often accompanied by lovely props like flowers. However, some extraordinary individuals opt for truly unconventional and remarkable concepts that push the boundaries of imagination.

In a striking example of such creativity, a commercial beekeeper named Bethany Karulak-Baker decided to embrace her passion for bees and incorporate it into her maternity photoshoot, despite her allergy. The daring decision involved arranging thousands of bees to rest upon her pregnant belly, showcasing the intertwining of her profession and her journey to motherhood. Concerns regarding her allergy were the first challenge to overcome. Bethany stated, “I have a local reaction which results in itchy welts that can last up to six weeks. They are incredibly annoying but not dangerous.” Nevertheless, Bethany ensured that the photoshoot was approved by her doctors in advance. As a precautionary measure, she opted to work with pure bees, known for their docility and ease of handling.

Finding the perfect photographer was the next hurdle, with the couple searching through ten options before discovering the ideal candidate, Brooke Welch. Logistics were carefully planned. Bethany explained, “We tethered a queen bee around my belly while she was in her cage. Placing queens in cages is a common practice and does not harm them in any way. Once we tied her around my belly, we had to ensure the temperature was perfect, cloudy and cool. We chose to work with pure bees, so we filled frames with them and removed them from the hive. I held a folder under my belly, and we gently poured the bees onto it, allowing them to climb up from the folder to ‘beard’ around the queen in her cage.”

Approximately 10,000 bees gracefully adorned Bethany’s stomach during the photoshoot, and she remarkably escaped any stings. The captivating photographs of Bethany garnered viral attention, with an overwhelmingly supportive, kind, and loving response. Bethany shared, “Many women have come forward to share their own experiences of suffering a miscarriage. Others have placed orders for honey from our commercial honey business. There are a few people who do not understand bees or beekeeping, resulting in a few negative comments from internet armchair warriors.” For Bethany Karulak-Baker, this pregnancy journey has been far from easy, as she had previously experienced a miscarriage. She humbly requested viewers not to perceive her photos merely as a buzzing belly with bees but as a testament to her bravery and resilience, ensuring her unborn child recognizes her as a true hero.

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