“An Enchanting Celebration of Love: Haitian Couple Embraces Parenthood on the Sidewalk, Immortalizing Precious Moments”

It seems like you have provided a text describing a story involving a Haitian immigrant family and a photographer named Nilza Rejane. The story mentions a baby named Waldo and his mother, Jυdith Fleυrissaiпt Bagυidy, who walked for 40 minutes to reach a hospital but arrived late and had to give birth on the side of the road.

Photographer Nilza Rejane was moved when she heard about Waldo’s story and decided to assist him. She contacted the journalist who reported on the situation and obtained the parents’ phone number. Nilza wanted to do a newborn photoshoot for the baby free of charge, as she was touched by the story and thought of providing a different image of his birth.

Jυdith’s husband couldn’t miss work as he works in a bakery, so Jυdith, who was on leave from her job as a domestic worker, accompanied the baby to the photoshoot. The session took place in the morning and lasted until early afternoon, with Jυdith anxiously staying by Nilza’s side, worried about Waldo.

The “Newborn” photoshoot is typically done in the first 10 days of a baby’s life when they have deep sleep and maximum flexibility. The photographer takes breaks between pictures to allow the mother to breastfeed and change the baby’s diaper. Jυdith agreed to be photographed with her son at the end of the shoot, and the best moments of the baby will be collected in a 20-page photo album given to the family.

Jυdith, despite speaking little Portuguese, expressed her gratitude with a smile, and Nilza describes her as an angel and expresses her affection for the baby.

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