Unprecedented Double Success: Second Woman Achieves US Record by Delivering Sextuplets After Unexpected Discovery

Unprecedented Miracle: Mother Gives Birth to Sextuplets in Alabama, Revealing Extraordinary Journey

The mother of a set of sextuplets born in Alabama over Father’s Day weekend has shared her remarkable story of consuming 6,000 calories a day to nourish her babies. The proud parents, Mitchell and his wife, also disclosed that they named the six infants alphabetically, following the letters given to them by doctors during their time in the womb: Abbie, Brooklyn, Chloe, David, Ellie, and Faith.

The mother underwent a planned C-section on Saturday morning, 28 weeks and one day into her pregnancy, following a month of strict bed rest, including her 30th birthday. The sextuplets arrived within a three-minute span, with Abbie being the eldest at 8:05 am and Faith the youngest at 8:08 am. Their weights ranged from 1lb 10oz to 2lbs 5oz, indicating their healthy development without any lagging behind.

A team of 51 medical staff members assisted in the delivery, having rehearsed the process six times prior. Each baby had their dedicated group of doctors and nurses. The 30-year-old mother amused the gathered press as she described her challenging 6,000-calorie daily diet. She shared, “It was very hard. They had me keep a record of everything I ate, and they would calculate the calories. And every day, they would bring me snacks and desserts. It was beneficial, but I can’t imagine doing that again.” In the week before giving birth, she could distinctly feel each baby’s position: one on each hip, three lower down in her pelvis, and one that moved up and down.

The couple struggled for years to conceive, enduring four miscarriages before the mother was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. To conceive their first child, Grant, Mrs. Carroll underwent intrauterine insemination, which involved fertility drugs to boost her egg production before her husband’s sperm was directly injected into her uterus. The same process was repeated for her subsequent pregnancy, which rarely results in sextuplets.

In an interview shortly before the babies’ birth, she recalled her five-week scan, saying, “I thought the nurse was going to faint. Then she said, ‘Oh no, there’s six,’ and started apologizing.” Once the shock wore off, Mrs. Carroll burst into tears. She said, “All I could think about was, ‘How are we going to take care of six babies?’ because we had a hard enough time with our first.” However, her husband, a maintenance mechanic at a paper plant, expressed confidence in managing the family’s new reality.

A month before the babies’ arrival, Mrs. Carroll was admitted to Brockwood Medical Center for round-the-clock monitoring. During the last few days, she experienced regular contractions and had to take medication to delay their birth. In the end, the babies arrived just in time for Father’s Day, and Mr. Carroll spent the day shuttling between incubators, wearing five pink ID bands and one blue, to demonstrate his ability to visit each baby.

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