A Marvelous Entrance: Discover Breathtaking Photos of a 5kg Newborn’s Extraordinary Arrival

These are the initial photographs of the infant, who weighed close to 5 kilograms.

Captivating images taken by maternity photographer Monet Nicole.

Monet Nicole has attended over a hundred deliveries, capturing the special moments of each stage of labor with her camera. With over 159k followers on Instagram, she is highly regarded as one of Denver’s most renowned photographers.

Through her profile, she shares moments, experiences, and anecdotes related to motherhood. Her photographs are known for their realistic portrayal of the timeless beauty of childbirth. Some depict home births, while others take place in maternity hospitals or even underwater.

Monet has been a part of numerous births, and each one has been a unique experience for her.

In a recent blog post, she shared photographs of a newborn weighing nearly five kilograms. The photographer wrote:

“When you almost give birth to a baby weighing close to five kilograms while standing in the hospital.

Childbirth remains one of my favorite subjects to capture. It showcases our physical capabilities.

This is the type of delivery that would typically happen at home. We went to a hospital in Denver that provides exceptional support for all home deliveries in the region. Having the option to give birth in a hospital that respects your preferences can make all the difference.

What more can be said?

The mother delivered while standing, supported by an exceptional team of midwives.

The baby was born within the amniotic sac.

He weighed almost 5 kilograms!

Our bodies are extraordinary, aren’t they?”

You can view the Instagram photos shared by Monet Nicole.

The newborn arrived shortly after the 40th week of pregnancy, weighing nearly five kilograms.

Monet Nicole was there to capture the special moments.

The moment they entered the world, the first embrace.

The photographer frequently shares her experiences through her posts.

This birth had multiple reasons to be remembered.

The mother gave birth while standing, the baby weighed almost five pounds, and the newborn was born within the amniotic sac.

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