Heartwarming Charm: Adorable Baby Boy’s Heart-Shaped Birthmark Captivates Hearts

Nowadays, whenever Ciñar appears, heads turn in admiration. He is affectionately known as a ‘love baby’ due to his distinctive birthmark. Murat and Ceyda cannot contain their excitement and adoration for their beautiful child. Murat further expressed, “It truly felt like a divine blessing. None of us harbored any negative sentiments.” Baby Ciñar is blossoming into an enchanting toddler who captivates everyone around him. People’s faces light up with smiles whenever they catch a glimpse of him.

Experts say birthmarks aren’t so rare in newborns. They are red, purple, or beige blemishes on the body, caused by abnormal blood vessels under the skin. However, they are not inherited, and doctors do not really know why they appear. Sometimes, birthmarks disappear as the child grows up, or they may become lighter. The parents say nobody in their families has birthmarks, but they love how unique their son is, so they don’t want this heart shape to disappear.

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