“Miraculous Moment: Mother Gives Birth to Baby Girl in Car’s Back Seat in Just 30 Seconds”

Incredible Birth: Mother Gives Birth to Baby Girl in the Back Seat of Her Car

Singer Emily Geller Hardman, known for her opera performances, had meticulously planned every aspect of her pregnancy. However, she never anticipated giving birth in the back seat of her car.

At around 37 weeks into her pregnancy in May, Hardman decided to attend a family wedding in Pennsylvania, a 3 1/2-hour drive from her home in New York.

“I thought labor could take 24 hours or longer to begin, so with the amniotic fluid being clear, I decided to rest for a couple of hours before driving back, assuming it could be a lengthy labor and I didn’t want to be exhausted,” said Hardman.

When her contractions started around 3 a.m., Hardman woke up Travis and suggested they hit the road to Danbury Hospital in Connecticut, about four hours away. They were in the car by 4 a.m.

Having previously given birth through a cesarean section, Hardman had been preparing herself for an unmedicated birth for her second child for three years.

“I see birth as a natural bodily function. I don’t view it as something terrifying,” Hardman explained.

Seated in the back seat, Hardman used the GentleBirth meditation app, which included a separate contraction timer. Whenever she felt a contraction, she would press a button, and the app would speak to her in a soothing voice.

“The contractions were very intense, but again, I had been preparing for three years. With any kind of pain, I think a lot of it is a mental game. So I was really focused on relaxing my jaw, doing lip trills, slow exhales, and deep low moans to relax my body,” Hardman shared.

Around 5:30 a.m., she asked Travis to pull over, got out of the car, and noticed her water leaking again. She could feel herself “bearing down and starting to push.”

“I willed myself into the back seat because I figured we needed to get back to my midwives, my doula, and to the hospital. That was our plan,” Hardman said.

But then, Hardman felt the urge to push. She knew the baby was coming and instructed Travis to pull over once again.

“Basically, in the next contraction, I felt the head. And then she flew out after. Her entire body emerged in one contraction,” Hardman recalled.

She wrapped the baby in towels, turned up the heat in the car, stimulated the baby’s back, and discovered the gender of her newborn.

Travis called 911, and the ambulance arrived within 10 minutes, taking Hardman and her baby to St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The baby, named Rosemary Claire, is happy and healthy.

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