“People Express a Desire for Dolphin Midwives after Watching Katie Piper’s Extraordinary Births Show”

What could be more calm, patient, and relaxed than a dolphin? Well, that’s what Dorina Rosin, a spiritual healer, and her partner Maika Suneagle from Hawaii believe. They are planning to have a “dolphin-assisted” birth, as featured on the Channel 4 documentary series Extraordinary Births. The show introduces women who give birth in the ocean with dolphins as their companions.

In this unique approach, the couple has chosen a dolphin to act as a midwife during the birth of their first child. Dorina plans to deliver the baby in the ocean, hoping that the experience will allow the child to develop a connection with dolphins and potentially learn to communicate with them.

Host Katie Piper, who interviewed the couple for Extraordinary Births, initially found their choice a bit unconventional but was impressed by their happiness and the woman’s relaxed state.

While some viewers expressed openness to the idea of having a dolphin as a midwife, it’s worth considering the potential dangers and drawbacks of a dolphin-assisted birth.

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