Out of nowhere, a mother from Queensland experienced the unexpected as she gave birth while still pregnant on the side of the road.

The story describes the experience of a pregnant woman named Saalia Maestrom, who gave birth by the side of the road while traveling to the hospital in Queensland. Saalia, a resident of Port Douglas, was concerned about the distance to Mareeba Hospital and hoped that Mossman Hospital, closer to her home, would reopen its birthing services before her due date. Saalia even considered returning to Melbourne, where she previously lived, to give birth.

On the day of labor, Saalia and her husband Conan were in the car when her contractions intensified. After 30 minutes, they had to make a U-turn as Saalia’s water broke. Fifteen minutes later, the baby arrived with the help of Conan, who is a former paramedic. Saalia drove to an area with mobile reception to call for an ambulance while Conan stayed with the baby.

Saalia expressed concern about finding a place to stay quickly and the difficult conversation they would have to face alone. The delivery happened unexpectedly, and Conan mentioned that it was more prolonged compared to their previous experience. After the baby’s shoulders were exposed, the baby simply fell out, and Conan caught the baby, checking its pulse and hearing it cry.

Despite the dramatic experience, it had a happy ending. Saalia hopes that other women won’t have to go through a similar situation and supports the campaign for the reopening of Mossman Hospital’s birthing services.

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