Unhealthy Fixation: Tattooing Her 1-Year-Old – Art or a Questionable Choice?

Shamikia Morris began tattooing her son when he was just six months old. The Florida-based mother takes pleasure in adorning her child’s body. Although tattoos are temporary, many people strongly disagree with this practice.

Shamikia has faced intense criticism for her unusual “hobby.” Many accuse her of being a negligent mother who is nurturing a future delinquent. “Most of the comments directed at me are incredibly hurtful. It’s unbelievable. People insult me in various ways, and it deeply hurts my feelings because I know I’m not a terrible mother. If they want to judge someone based on a random 30-second video they saw on social networks, that’s fine, but they should understand that their opinion doesn’t determine the essence or future of the person they’re accusing,” Shaмikia expressed in her interview.

She claims not to care about people’s criticisms since it’s her choice and it aligns with her lifestyle. The mother states that her family has already come to accept her decisions regarding her child’s body. “Initially, my family despised me. None of them liked my tattoos, and when I started decorating Traylin’s body, they were shocked and devastated. But now that they’re beginning to realize that it might have some positive aspects, they’re embracing it. We draw everyone’s attention when we’re out. Young people adore his tattoos,” Shaмikia explained. She believes that with the support she is receiving, she will build a better future for Traylin.

Diпara, who is Shamikia’s sister, admits that she was initially strongly opposed to the idea. She categorically did not support it. She shared, “I didn’t want my sister to do this to him, but once I realized it could be beneficial for them, I accepted it. The moment she told me she wanted to start tattooing her six-month-old baby, I immediately warned her that someone might report it to child protection services. But in the end, I respected her decision and accepted the way she chose to care for Traylin. Some commentators even said that the little one would end up in trouble on the streets or that she was raising him like a prisoner, but she truly loves him.”

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