“Viral Sensation: Mother and Daughter Embrace their Stunning Dark Skin, Endearingly Called ‘Chocolate Cakes’ by Online Community”

Many people wonder if the baby inherits this unique skin from their father or mother. Three years ago, internet users competed to share four photos of an adorable black baby with an impressive bright smile. With glossy black skin and a chubby body, everyone was captivated by her healthy beauty, particularly her radiant smile. Some even dubbed her the “most beautiful black baby” ever known.

After seeing the baby’s photos, people are extremely curious about the complexion of her mother. According to research, this beloved baby is the first child of a young mother named Joha Kanyamuneka from Australia. Since the baby’s birth, Joha has regularly posted photos of her son on social networks like Twitter and Instagram. She never expected these pictures to cause such a sensation. Unfortunately, along with the admiration, there were also whispers, gossip, and mockery about the baby’s skin.

In response to the mixed reactions, Joha once wrote, “My dear son! I hope you never have to worry about people who laugh at you because of the color of your skin. This world is not for everyone, and your happiness can be lost at any time, but I promise that I will always make your life happy.”

Mothers are always happy and proud of their children.

Joha and her daughter at Port Kembla Beach in Australia.

Not revealing her son’s real name, Joha mentioned that his middle name is Rufaro, which means “happiness” in Shona, a language spoken by the Shona people in Zimbabwe. “My grandmother gave it to me. She gave me the name ‘Kanyamuneka,’ which means happy in Kirundi. Despite the troubles I went through, I always felt very happy. So I want my son to be called happy whenever someone mentions it. I gave him the middle name Rufaro (happy in Shona). I believe that a person’s name symbolizes or identifies a part of them. Therefore, no matter who you become, what kind of person you become, I hope you will always live happily as yourself.”

Despite facing ridicule and mockery about her skin, mothers always teach their children to love the person that nature has given them and be proud of it.

Joha worked hard to showcase pictures of herself and her daughter.

Joha also expressed pride in the complexion of herself and her daughter. She shared that she always felt overwhelmed with happiness every time she saw her children smile. In addition to sharing photos of her son alone, the mother regularly posted pictures of herself and her daughter from their early days. Through each photo, it is evident that this lovely boy has inherited his unique skin from his mother. Despite the whispers about their appearance, Joha appeared confident and fresh next to her son, whether at home or out on outings or at the beach.

Currently, the aforementioned “happy black boy” is three years old and starting school. The boy has grown taller and more mature but still retains his bright smile and recognizable complexion. Revealing more about her son at the moment, the Australian mother shared that he is very excited and eager to go to school, so she enrolled him in kindergarten. The boy always shows joy and delight when he sees his friends around him and plays with them.

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