“A Growing Family: Parents of 14 Welcome Their 15th Child!”

A couple is preparing to welcome their 15th child after already having quintuplets, triplets, and twins. Despite the chaotic nature of having a large family, they are adjusting to it.

Karen, 40, and her husband, Deon Derrico, 49, from Las Vegas, experienced multiple consecutive multiple births after giving birth to their two oldest children, Darrion, 16, and Derrick, 11. Twins Dallas and Denver, 10, were their first multiples, followed by quintuplets Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician, and Daiten, who are now 8 years old. Karen then gave birth to twins Diez and Dior, who are 3 years old and are often referred to as the “triplets” after tragically losing one of them. Their triplet brother, Carter, passed away shortly after birth.

While all of the Derrico children’s names begin with the letter ‘D,’ Carter was an exception as his parents wanted to give him a memorable and unique name. Karen and Deon welcomed triplets Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver into their family in 2019, bringing their total to 14.

“All of whom were conceived naturally,” Karen said. “We both have multiples on both sides of our family. But we have the most multiples that anyone has ever heard of. After our oldest, I had two miscarriages. When I became pregnant, the doctor started me on progesterone to sustain my pregnancy. But all of our children were naturally conceived. Not one round of IVF.”

The couple has now revealed that they are welcoming their 15th child. Deon can be seen questioning Karen about her strange food cravings as she munches on pickles.

The couple admits that they have their “good days and bad days,” but they say there’s always enough love to go around. They had to find creative ways to keep their kids busy during the pandemic.

Parents Karen and Deon Derrico work hard to get their 14 children ready for the day, but it’s not easy. “It’s like a ballet here in the mornings at the Derrico house,” she said. “Everything is a jumble. ‘Have a seat, eat your breakfast, and let’s get everything together,’ we have to remind them all the time. When they’re down, it’s unmistakably a job. Keeping everyone dressed and nourished might feel like a costly Olympic sport at times. Oh, my goodness, the amount of money we spend on food. Monthly income ranges from $2,500 to $3,500. We go through 15 waffle boxes and 20 rolls of toilet paper in a week.”

It seems that Karen has a positive attitude towards her family and their lifestyle. Despite the challenges that come with raising a large family, she acknowledges that they made the choice to have so many children and are committed to providing for them.

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