“Mother Gives Birth to 11lb 5oz Baby, Weighing as Much as a Bowling Ball”

Helen Sellers, a 34-year-old woman from Leeds, was taken aback after giving birth to a baby girl weighing an incredible 11 pounds and 5 ounces, equivalent to the weight of a mid-weight bowling ball. Throughout her pregnancy, Helen had been warned that her baby would likely be large, but the actual weight left her in shock. The family had even placed bets on the baby’s size, with Helen’s cousin guessing 11 pounds, which she considered quite audacious. However, the arrival of baby Celia exceeded all expectations, astonishing doctors and midwives alike.

During her pregnancy, Helen had a prominent baby bump, leading many to inquire if she was carrying multiples. Helen shared, “My bump was huge; I always had people asking me if I was having twins. There was one lady at work who asked me multiple times if I was sure it wasn’t twins! The doctors tested me for gestational diabetes, but the results were negative.” Fortunately, Celia arrived healthy and content, and her size became a topic of fascination in the hospital. Midwives marveled at her substantial weight, turning her into the talk of the ward. Helen’s midwife, with 16 years of experience, mentioned that Celia was the second-largest baby she had ever seen.

When Helen gave birth to her first child, a boy named Roman, he weighed 9 pounds, while both Helen and her husband Carl, 37, were under 9 pounds as newborns themselves. Helen expressed her surprise, saying, “Carl is 6 foot 7 now, but he wasn’t a big baby, so we’re not sure why Celia was so big. While I was pregnant, my consultant mentioned that the baby would be big, but not as big as Roman.” In fact, Celia had to skip the newborn-sized clothes altogether and go straight into 0-3 month clothing, as nothing Helen had prepared fit her.

Helen shared, “I had bought a couple of baby grows that were up to one month, and I didn’t even bother getting them out of the packet. I knew they wouldn’t fit her. I had bought some 0-3 month stuff, and she’s already in 3-6 month clothes now.” The unexpected size of baby Celia continues to astonish her parents and those around them, creating a memorable and remarkable start to their parenting journey.

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