Capturing Realistic Images of Every Centimeter When a Baby is Born

The moment a baby is born is a sacred and magical moment. Photographer Jayden Freud has captured the most authentic experience of that moment in a series of his photos.

Often, we see pictures of a beautiful birth with a joyful, sweaty mother holding a bluish-skinned baby wrapped in a blanket in front of doctors and relatives. However, few people witness the up-close reality of the baby emerging from the mother’s body. British photographer Jayden Freud has taken a realistic and intense set of birth photos that portray the true images.

These photos capture the few seconds of a baby’s birth—the moment when the baby’s head emerges from its mother’s body, taking its first breath and letting out its first cry. Jayden Freud was incredibly delicate in selecting the shooting angles to fully showcase how the baby is brought into the world. Under Jayden Freud’s camera angle, the birth scene appears intense yet still carries something touching and respectable.

When you look at these photos, you will undoubtedly appreciate the strength and beauty of women around you. They truly perform miracles. One image shows half of a baby being born with the umbilical cord still wrapped around its head, while doctors are working to deliver the baby from the mother’s body. These realistic and touching moments capture the essence of childbirth.

The joy a father experiences when witnessing the birth of his child is also depicted in these sacred moments. They showcase the magical power of mothers and the incredible bond they share with their babies. Additionally, one photo shows a delivery in a sitting position on the toilet, highlighting the diverse birthing experiences women go through.

The “intense” power of these photos lies in the realism captured in each image. Another photo portrays a woman attempting to give birth in a kneeling position, emphasizing the strength and determination of mothers during this pivotal moment.

Mothers truly perform miracles, and these photos serve as a testament to their remarkable abilities.

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