“Captivating and Raw: The Beauty of Pregnancy and Birth Captured through Raw and Evocative Images”

Giving birth is a special experience in every woman’s life. In 2018, a photo contest called “Birth Becomes Her 2018” honored the beautiful photos of mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. The contest attracted 1,000 participants in four categories: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Immediately after giving birth, and Breastfeeding.

An international panel of judges selected the winning photos, and the audience watching the contest was also able to vote for their favorite photo for the Audience Favorite award.

Whether you’ve ever had a baby or not, the stunning photos below will definitely leave you with an indelible impression.

The photo that won the overall First Prize, titled “First Encounter,” shares the wonderful moment when the baby is “meeting” other family members for the first time through the transparent glass of the birthing tub.

First place in the Pregnancy category, the photo is titled “Goddess in Real Life,” honoring the greatness of a mother.

The photo that won the third prize in the Childbirth category was humorously titled “Caught Between Two Worlds,” capturing the baby’s half-smile in the new world when he just came out of his mother’s womb.

The second prize in the Pregnancy category, the photo “Keeping Yourself Afloat,” brings great visual effects to the image of a pregnant mother in the water but also implicitly implies that motherhood is an arduous journey, needing a mother to always bear the burden and try hard to keep herself from “sinking.”

The first-place winner in the Breastfeeding category, “A New Path with Mom,” beautifully captures the profound and touching moment of a mother breastfeeding her baby.

The second-place winner in the Childbirth category, “First Clap of Tiny Hands,” shows the first moment of meeting between a mother and her baby through a heartfelt image.

The Audience Favorite award in the Pregnancy category goes to the photo titled “Moving Towards the World,” depicting a crying newborn baby entering the world.

The third-place winner in the Breastfeeding category is a photo with the catchy title “Stir-Fry,” symbolizing the multitasking nature of a breastfeeding mother, containing the struggles and chaos of breastfeeding while managing other tasks.

The first-place winner in the Childbirth category is the photo “Playing in Between Worlds, an Ember in a Flame.” The photo successfully captures the image of a pregnant mother leaning on her partner’s strong embrace, firmly anchored in moments of difficulty like surpassing a challenge.

The Audience Favorite award in the Childbirth category goes to the photo “Three Hearts as One,” portraying the deep connection between father, mother, and the newborn in a family.

The third-place winner in the Pregnancy category is a serene and rustic photo titled “Mother’s Love.”

And finally, the first-place winner in the Newborn category is the photo aptly titled “This is VBAC – Vaginal Birth After Cesarean,” featuring the intertwined hands of a newborn baby and the mother, with the mother’s previous cesarean scar visible.

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