“Defying All Odds: The Inspiring Journey of a “Lead Soldier” Couple with One Leg, Determined to Embrace Life and Parenthood”

Many viewers probably still remember the heartwarming story of the “lead soldier couple,” Nguyễn Thi Le Thư (born in 1994, Bac Giang) and Doan Ngoc Bao (born in 1993). Le Thư was born with a healthy pair of legs, but a sudden accident at the age of 10 led to one leg being amputated. Despite her physical challenges, Le Thư remains cheerful, optimistic, and embraces life.

Fate brought Le Thư and Ngoc Bao together, both with one leg, and they soon realized their deep affection for each other, finding harmony and understanding. They decided to marry in March 2020. Not long after their marriage, Le Thư joyfully announced her pregnancy, bringing happiness to everyone who followed their story.

Now, the couple has a one-year-old son named Doan Minh Tri. Despite facing difficulties, their family life continues to be filled with happiness, optimism, and love.

“We both have positive outlooks on life, and we have adapted to living with one leg. Like many first-time parents, taking care of a baby has been full of surprises, but we encourage each other knowing that children are loving and understanding. With that mindset, taking care of our child becomes less stressful,” Le Thư shared.

Currently, Minh Tri has passed the weaning stage and is transitioning to eating porridge with raw food. The boy is active, agile, and is learning to call “daddy” and “mama.”

There was a period when both Le Thư and her husband were unemployed, couldn’t return to their hometown, and faced financial challenges. They sought help from the online community to provide milk for baby Tri. However, now that the most stressful time has passed, they have resumed their business to support their lives and earn some extra income.

“Currently, my husband and I are selling more products from home to improve our income. Life is quite stable, and most importantly, our family remains optimistic in the face of difficulties. I just hope that my son will always be healthy, strong, obedient, and together we will face whatever comes our way,” Le Thư shared.

Despite their physical challenges, they maintain an optimistic and resilient spirit for the sake of their son.

Regarding having more children, Le Thư mentioned that they haven’t thought about it yet, but they will consider it when the time is right.

Growing up seeing his parents with one leg and using crutches, Minh Tri doesn’t question their situation. Le Thư and her husband want their son to grow naturally and freely within the family’s embrace. They both agree not to impose any specific path on their children, but rather nurture them to be happy, optimistic, and positive thinkers, ultimately becoming useful citizens for society.

The story of Le Thư and Ngoc Bao has touched many hearts, and everyone admires the love and optimism of this small family. Despite their physical challenges, their love for each other is immense, making their lives joyful and full of laughter.

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