“Loving Blessings: Digna Carpio Welcomes 6 New Babies, Queens Sextuplets’ Mother Overjoyed”

The Carpio babies are only the second group of sextuplets born to a New York couple and are believed to be the first Hispanic sextuplets in U.S. history.

Two nurses from the Visiting Nurses of New York help the parents care for the babies. But once they leave at 6 p.m., both Digna and Victor know sleep will be a luxury.

“I don’t want to get overwhelmed,” Digna said. “I’m already thinking I’m going to need a van or a bus to take them to school.”

While Digna and Victor know money will be short for a long time to come, looking at the adorable faces of their babies makes it all worth it.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m going to go crazy, and then I look at them. It’s the best feeling,” Digna said. “It’s the best gift for a mother.”

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