Life with four children from the first pregnancy can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. It is a unique journey that presents its own set of joys and difficulties.

A man from the United States has achieved the remarkable feat of being the first in the world to give birth to a child using donor sperm. Thomas Trace Beatie, 46 years old, was born and raised in Hawaii as Tracy Lagondino. He even worked as a model and was a finalist in the Miss Teen Hawaii beauty pageant. However, at the age of 10, Beatie began to recognize the dominant masculine part within himself after receiving criticism from his college boyfriend for not being feminine enough.

In 1997, at the age of 23, Beatie came out as his true gender and embarked on a journey that involved undergoing six surgeries to align his physical appearance with his identity. However, he chose to retain his genitalia to preserve the possibility of having children in the future. In 2002, Beatie underwent breast reduction surgery and officially changed his gender from “female” to “male” on his identity documents.

When Beatie met his first wife, Nancy Gillespie, he realized that she was the person he wanted to have a baby with. A year later, they got married in a heterosexual marriage in Hawaii. However, Nancy had her cervix removed due to health issues, making it impossible for her to conceive and carry a child. In a unique decision, Beatie volunteered to become pregnant and give birth.

To conceive, Beatie stopped taking testosterone hormone therapy and used donor sperm. In March 2008, he caused a stir when he appeared topless, showing off his pregnant belly, in the gay magazine Advocate. The story quickly made headlines in the US and international media, earning him the nickname “pregnant man.”

During a television appearance the following month in an exclusive interview with renowned host Oprah Winfrey, Beatie shared live ultrasound images of the fetus on screen. He expressed his amazement and joy, saying, “She’s kicking. I can’t believe she’s inside of me. It’s a miracle.”

Beatie emphasized that the desire to have children is not specific to gender, stating, “It’s not a man’s or a woman’s desire. It’s a human desire. I’m a human being, and I have the right to have my child.” The pregnancy did not make Beatie feel more feminine, as he stated, “It doesn’t make me want to shave my legs or anything. I’m a man. I’m just a pregnant man.”

Beatie successfully gave birth to his first three children naturally. When his first daughter, Susan, was born in June 2008, the family attracted significant media attention, with newspaper reporters and paparazzi waiting outside the hospital in Bend, Oregon, to capture this extraordinary moment. A year later, Beatie gave birth to their second child, a boy named Austin, spending two days in the hospital and experiencing a healthy delivery. Their third son was born in July 2010.

Recognizing his groundbreaking achievement, the Guinness Book of World Records awarded Beatie the title of “the world’s first married man to give birth to a child.” His fame enabled him to appear on many television shows across the country. Beatie also owns a t-shirt company with the slogan “Defy Normal” and has been a speaker at numerous universities.

In February 2012, Beatie underwent surgery to create a penis. That same year, he divorced Nancy and was granted custody of all three children by the court.

Beatie is now remarried to his second wife, Amber, who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. After years of trying, Amber successfully became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy named Jackson. Due to his female reproductive organs, Beatie is unable to have any more children. He expressed that he had always dreamed of having a large family, and his dream has now come true.

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