A young woman, aged 18, gives birth near rice fields.

Rya Bacate, an 18-year-old, is sitting in a chair by the side of a road in the central Philippine city of Tacloban, near a rice field. Aaly Pesado, Bacate’s 18-year-old girlfriend who is pregnant, is currently three miles away from the nearest hospital in the municipality of Tolosa and is preparing to give birth.

Bacate and Pesado were on his motorbike, heading to the clinic after she had gone into labor. A man on another motorcycle passed by and hurried to Tolosa to fetch Norina Malate. When she arrived, she found the baby crowning. Malate quickly sterilized her scissors with alcohol and cut the umbilical cord. Pesado and her baby, a boy, were assisted in being loaded onto a pickup vehicle that would transport them to the Tolosa clinic.

The extraordinary delivery was documented by photographer Lynsey Addario while she was working on assignment for Save the Children, an organization assisting in the reconstruction of the healthcare system in Haiyan-affected areas.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Addario. “It was such a community effort. When you see a baby born like that, and it is fine, you’ve got to think: It’s kind of miraculous.”

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