The moment captured with a newborn baby’s camera is truly special and priceless.

Carlene Forrester is a talented photographer who captures the special moments of all stages of childbirth through her photographs. She considers childbirth to be the most important and special event, describing it as a strong, sometimes wild experience that requires courage and has moments of vulnerability. Each woman’s experience is unique and special.

In recent years, Carlene has been exclusively engaged in maternity photography and has been recognized for her work. One of her photos was named one of the best maternity photos of 2021 by the International Association of Professional Maternity Photographers. This particular photo captures the natural birth of a baby, showcasing the absolute wonder of nature in a single click.

The photographer recently created an Instagram account where she occasionally shares some of the photos she takes. Currently, she has fewer than 80 posts, but each one is special and captivating in its own way. The photos showcased on Carlene Forrester Fotografie capture the special moments from all stages of childbirth: the anticipation, the moment a baby is born, and the first embrace. Some photos are in black and white, while others are in color. They range from wide shots to close-ups.

In the following gallery, we have collected a few photos that stood out to us, although every single one is definitely worth a look.

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